Startup Weekend Warsaw #4 T-Shirt Design Contest


T-shirt SWWAW#4Startup Weekend Warsaw and invite you to take part in the competition! Design a T-shirt for upcoming Startup Weekend!

A Word About
Before we dive into contest details, let me introduce – the first and largest social design platform in Poland.

How it works?
You simply fill out a short form describing the design you need. After receiving and accepting your order, Corton launches your contest and informs thousands of professional graphic artists and designers about it.

Designers submit their work
Dozens or even hundreds of invited designers begin working on your order in order to create a design you will love. Within 7 or more days you get even hundreds of designs to choose from. During the contest you can communicate with designers to suggest changes in the submitted work.

You choose the winner
You get the design in the expected format and a document confirming the transfer of all rights to the chosen design. Corton pays out the prize to the designer and takes care of all the contest related formalities.

Contest details
Take some time and come up with the original idea for the shirt! The original, meaning so amazing that the second we see it, we know that this is it!

Your design must fit on A4 paper. The project can use up to 3 colors, but keep in mind that the logo will be placed on the white, black and red shirts

If your idea we like the most you will get, in addition to 500PLN,
SWWAW#4 free ticket!

Submit T-shirt design here for a chance of fame, free SWWAW#4 ticket and 500PLN!