2013 Sunday Night Pitches


The fourth edition of Startup Weekend Warsaw kicked off with twenty exciting pitches last Friday evening.

After a period of intense networking and voting the participants formed into twelve teams that got straight down to business. Here’s a quick summary of each team:

1. Show me the city

A new mobile app for city sightseeing.

2. Job Quest

A quest to get the job you want.

3. Cosmetic Scanner

An application for OCR from photos of cosmetic labels. This tool will be integrated with a cosmetic articles or new product description which will be ranked, commented and social media integrated. It will customize users if they are interested in nature compounds or those which might be causing an allergic effect.

4. Crapster

Crapster is your own pocket thrift shop. You want to get rid of some crap? You want to buy some stuff someone else doesn’t want? Try Crapster!

5. Skill Karma

Empowered by Karma.

6. Funny Recovery

A platform that helps / supports process of recovery. A patient that needs rehabilitation start the process with a real physiotherapist and after two / three of rehabilitation sessions patient using the platform can practice at home. platform will have some gamification features that will help patients to train systematically and physiotherapist will be able to control and evaluate this process.

7. Loko

The Loko smart lock is a secure, simple, and social way to manage your home/office or real estate lock. With our system you will be able to control who can enter and who can’t your property—without the need for keys or codes; you can do it all from your smartphone or still use your traditional keys if this is your preference. In addition our system allows you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to have access. The lock itself has built-in WiFi & bluetooth 4.0 and a battery life of several months. Our device attaches to most existing locks, but can also be customized to fit any lock type.

8. Livehe.re

We are making an online platform that allows you to find the most suitable flat and/or flatmates. The app will use Facebook graph search and will be integrated with real estate agencies’ offers.

9. Drag and Roll

Creating graphic mobile apps is time costly, especially on Android. DRAG and ROLL makes native coding fast and simple.

10. Meendu

Make your personal everyday budgeting fun and fast!

11. Poll Bear

Five highly motivated professionals working together to create crazy profitable SMS survey app.

12. Painter Chase

PainterChase is a mobile app to engage and educate kids at art museums and represents a new means of marketing and customer engagement for museums.


The Sunday Evening program begins at 17:00 with a quick recap of the event, final presentations and Q&A with the judges and some fun awards.