mLOG – winner SWWAW#5


Official results are served with small delay . This is not the result of afterparty (although it was successful), but certain decisions that need to be taken on the basis of the information that appeared last night. Unfortunately, the winning team in the Jury vote is deprived the title. The title is handed over to second in order – mLOG.

mLOG - SWWAW5 winner

This is first time we face such situation – we can not accept the fact that the company, which received the PARP funds (490 000 PLN) is able to win. The official FAQ says explicitly – “Can I pitch an existing business?” and the answer is NO .

Therefore, we would like to officially congratulate the team mLOG for winning in the both voting – mentors and jury. Thus, one team gets everything. Congratulations and we wish you good luck!!

Other teams to mentions:
Craziest pitch: InfinitySquared
Organizers choice: Audio Date (we love you) 😉

Congratulations to All of You!