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Collegium Iuridicum II, Faculty of Law and Administration University of Warsaw, Lipowa 4, 00-316 Warsaw

No Talk, All Action.
Launch a Startup in 54 hours.

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical or design backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.

Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

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Jul 13
  • Registration Starts
  • Welcome & Speakers
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Pizza & Networking / Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Work begins
  • Finished for the day


Jul 14
  • Doors Open
  • Simple breakfast
  • Mentors arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Lunch
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Finished for the day


Jul 15
  • Doors Open
  • Simple breakfast
  • Mentors arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Pitch training
  • Lunch
  • Judge introductions
    (3 min presentation and, 3 min Q&A per team)
  • Judging & awards

Piotr Pagowski

Piotr Pagowski graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and is working in the IT industry since 1993. Started his carreed at Baza sp. z o.o. and Westwood Poland sp. z o.o. Since 1995 he was working at Intel, managing Central Eastern Europe corporate sales and marketing strategies.

Between 2006 and 2011 Piotr Pągowski was working for Microsoft as Country Manager E&D (Entertainment & Devices) responsible for Poland and Baltics States, later Consumer & On-line General Manager and OEM Director. Starting of 1st April 2011 he became the General Manager of Personal Systems Group at HP Poland.
Piotr Pągowski is also acting as a member of Supervisory Board of CD Projekt Red SA, major game publisher in Poland.

Dawid Ostrowski

Dawid is true Google technology admirer, experienced Java developer and trainer, who joined Google to be in a place where the best humans create and use the best technology. His goal is to make developers in Poland successful in building applications and businesses on Google's great developer platforms and APIs. Prior to joining Google DevRel team Dawid worked as freelance developer and trainer in projects of various size (from small startups to big players like IBM) in Poland, USA, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. He likes playing squash and traveling.

Kamila Staryga

28. Enthusiastic challenger. Working and living in London, UK. Looking
after Google+ and entrepreneurs @Google. Part of the core founding
team of Campus London. Seedcamp mentor. Engineer, graduated from the
University of Cambridge. Love backpacking, running, and her bike.
Consider herself a food snob.

Jakub Probola

Head of Innovation at T-Mobile Poland. Since the beginning of his career at T-Mobile, he was involved in new product and technology development. After becoming the head of innovation, he was tasked with finding new, interesting, cutting edge products and services, which deliver exceptional value to the customers. He is very enthusiastic about new ventures, open for difficult challenges and is also keen to find new ways to innovate. Jakub strongly belives both startups and T-mobile can mutually benefit from collaboration and T-mobile resources can support startups in both local and global development.

David Bizer

David Bizer is HackFwd’s Chief Talent Geek. He’s the “front door”, because at HackFwd it’s about finding the right team. David’s experience in staffing and talent management allows HackFwd to identify, evaluate and develop the top 1% of European technical founders.
In 2003, David was named the first European recruiter at Google where he led Google’s staffing efforts across Europe for 20+ sales offices and all technical graduate recruitment.
David started his career in staffing at Netscape which was perhaps the most exciting internet company on the planet. Having learned with the best at Netscape, David then joined Trilogy to lead their European Recruitment efforts, sourcing Computer Science graduates from top universities in Western Europe.
David has a unique, global background discovering talent from Silicon Valley to the technology hubs of Europe. For 15 years, David has led recruitment efforts resulting in hiring over 4000 candidates across 25+ countries.

Krzysztof Kowalczyk

Partner at an early stage VC fund HardGamma Ventures, founder of GammaRebels startup accelerator (current edition in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs) and PitchRally, monthly pitching events for investors and startups. Mentor with Seedcamp, Springboard, StartupBootcamp and StartupSauna, referrer with and advisor to StartupWiseGuys. Highly Commended as 'Best VC Partner of the Year' in The Europas 2011 awards.

Dariusz Żuk

President and co-founder of Entrepreneurial Poland - think tank operating in the ​ entrepreneurship area. The objective of the Entrepreneurial Poland is to draw public attention to the need to create proper conditions for development of entrepreneurship. "The Path to Entrepreneurial Poland" is the first Polish system supporting entrepreneurship. The aim of The Path to Entrepreneurial Poland is to achieve by Poland the leader position in the ​ start-ups area and creating Polish companies on the scale of Skype by 2020.

President and co-founder of the AIP brands - institutions implementing the Entrepreneurial Poland strategy. AIP - Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship (AIP is the largest network in Europe, 1300 start ups), AIP Seed Capital (51 seed investments) and AIP Business Link (creating a network of five the best globally startup centers).


Michal Skrzynski

Enterpreneur and Private Investor
Founder and COO of Pomocni LTD (est. 2008:,, - exit to Edipresse Polska SA (in 2011).
Earlier - for 3 years owner of IT outsourcing company.
Strong sides: Search Engine Optimization, IT technology, finance, operational and legal organization
Warsaw University and Warsaw University of Technology Graduate
Shareholder in several internet companies: Edipresse Home (Pomocni),,,,,
Loves: sailing, barbecue, videogames, tax optimization

Michal Kostrzewa

Currently works as Marketing Manager in Central European Headquarters of Microsoft Advertising and Online. Previously he was managing online business at Microsoft Poland. Earlier, in 2005-06 he worked as Regional Manager for Central Europe at Skype. Before moving to online industry he spent several years various telco companies, e.g. as Market Research Manager in Polkomtel.

Michal holds MBA diploma from University of Minnesota and has graduated from Warsaw School of Economics on two faculties: Quantitative Methods and Information Systems as the first and Management and Marketing as the second.

Ola Sitarska

I want nothing more than to change the world.

I'm 20 and I was born to be an entrepreneur. I started my first company at the age of 15 and since then I can't imagine any other lifestyle. I'm running FashionStyle, a company developing game for teenagers. Now I'm working on my next big thing, which is pretty exciting.

Recently, I was listed as one of 100 Women In Tech In Europe. yaaay!

I love to travel, fly, meet new people, taste new cusines, experience new things. I speak in Django code. I believe in karma.

Krzysztof Kwacz

Social Media Manager and the Head of Get More Social Agency. For over five years inside Allegro Group beeing responsibile for strategy and development of all AG Social Media and Community Channels. Internet Trends Conference 2008/2009 and E-nnovation CEE e-commerce Conference 2010/2011/2012 Organizer. Democamp and Startup Sprint Mentor. Huge Fan of Alternative Electronic Music.

Borys Musielak

Founder and CEO of Filmaster, a company focused on providing best movie and show recommendations for connected TV. Filmaster is supported by HackFWD, a German seed investor.

Borys is an Internet entrepreneur with tech background. Since 2002 he worked as a consultant, programmer and team leader for both for startups and large corporations in Poland, Germany and United Kingdom. In 2007 Borys founded, now the Polish leader of citizen IT journalism. Filmaster is his second venture.

Borys also co-founded Reaktor, a Warsaw-based startup mansion where Filmaster and other hyped Polish startups are based.

Nick Stevens

A British expat living in The Netherlands, Nick has more than a decade of corporate operations management experience, and about half as much again in the small business world. He doesn’t code, but considers himself to be somewhat geeky, with a fascination for UI/UX and is a process/systems thinking nerd. He currently has a profitable B2B startup, is doing something cool in Healthcare and has about 100 side projects. He joined Startup Weekend because he loves to enable creative people to chase their dreams.

Agnieszka Dziewiecka

A graduate of Education Studies at University of Warsaw turned
marketer and project manager, CEO at Startup School Foundation. After
hours, a reportage buff, a photographer and a traveller. Loves working
with people. Combines her skills to help young entrepreneurs develop
their startups.

Anka Robotycka

Managing Partner of faceADDICTED agency, IAB Expert. Anka has over 10 years of experience in creating and implementing brand communication strategies across European markets. She was responsible for supervision of communication and PR of AmRests’ brands (KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Starbucks) in 7 countries. Her main expertise is focused on building reputation activities, re-positioning of brands and using social media to thrive the business. Anka graduated from University of Wrocław, University of Antwerp and Ashridge Business School.

Piotrek Krauschar

Co-Founder of Mobberry and faceADDICTED agencies, IAB Expert. Piotrek has over 11 years of experience in internet & TV industry around Europe. Former CEO of and owner of the 1st Polish online video production company - Mediacore. He graduated from The Polish National Film School.

Maciej Budzich

The author of a blog about media, marketing and the Internet -, editor-in-chief of "MediaFun magazine". He is a passionate observer and commentator on social media, advertising and whatever is related to new technologies, business and entrepreneurship. He has been a speaker at many conferences (e.g. IAB Forum, InternetBeta), lecturer, among others, at The School of Advertising Masters, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Academy of Communication Art. He is a initiator of many events connected with media, Internet and information society: TUBA conferences, MediafunLABs, a debate with Polish Prime Minister (AskThePrimeMinster) ZapytajPremiera. He is a big fan of barcamps ideas and business networking, a coorganizer of Aula Poland (the bigest Polish barcamp). He has been a Juror in advertising competitions (MediaTrendy, Blog of the Year, StartupFest). The Internet Standard plebiscite declared him The Man of the Year on the Polish internet 2009. He was also The Winner of a special award for popularizing blog.

Maciej Maciejowski

Director of product innovation in Grupa SA. Graduate Management at University of Science and Technology in Kraków. Since 1993, heavily involved in the development of the Internet. Since 1996 he is constantly linked with a company that is now called Grupa SA. He was first webdeveloper in He Managed teams which create most of the currently active sites in Onet. Today, engaged in product development and give assistance to Onet product departments. Privately he writes a blog about processes occurring on the Internet.

Marcin Beme


Over ten years experience in business development of enterprises in start-up, development and early expansion phases. Developed tele-information company offering hardware and software solutions of wireless data transmission for retail, banking and energy sectors (machine-to-machine), media production company specializing in production of entertainment content.

Last year he was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Polish High Fliers programme (, which promotes Poland abroad as the country of skilled and talented entrepreneurs, scientists and artists. This year the business magazine BRIEF selected Marcin for one of 50 top creative people in business in Poland. This year Marcin was also selected by Internet Standard for “The Personality of the Polish Internet”.

Pawel Lipiec

Communication & E-commerce Director at faceADDICTED. For over two years worked at Allegro Group and as a Chief Editor of – first polish e-commerce web service. Blogger, journalist and PR sepcialist. Owner of – e-commerce and e-pr consulting company.

Sandra Bichl

Never been formally employed. Doesn't plan on ever being. Quit
university 3 times. Only goes back as a guest lecturer.

Sandra who was born and raised in Austria moved to Warsaw in November
2005 after having spent almost 3.5 years in Ecuador & Mexico i.a.
launching an American Internet company. In mid 2006 Sandra founded
Troaching Institute that serves companies, freelancers, start-ups &
entrepreneurs in increasing their client base by “troaching” (a mix of
training, consulting & coaching) in the area of Sales, Marketing,
Networking & Public Speaking.

Sandra also launched, as well as
(Professional Personal Online Branding).

Jakub Weber

Experienced Mobile&Internet Business Manager, focused on revenue driving initiatives. Over ten years in the industry. Responsible for Value Added Services for consumers (apps, multimedia, SMS premium, mobile advertising etc.) in T-Mobile Poland. Happy to see new ideas making money using communication potential of 14 million PTC users. Very happy to see it working within the whole T-Mobile group globally.

Piotr Wilam


Co-founder, ceo @ Innovation Nest. Entrepreneur, founder of Pascal Publishing. Co-founder and first president of Business angel. a philosopher and mathematician, graduate of KUL, Oxford University and London Business School.

Jaromir Dzialo

Built and successfully exited a company in Silicon Valley: As a winner of Founder Showcase, Seedcamp, covered by TechCrunch, Mashable, Topicmarks got funding from e.g. Aaron Patzer ( and recently was acquired by one of the largest social networks in US - (330+ mln of users). Jaromir is in the Internet business since 1994: founder of 3 successful startups, content distribution for 95% cinemas in Switzerland, IT for Swiss banking domain, 100+ web services, worked with companies from US, UE for over 12 years. UI/UX evangelist, frontend maestro, with passion for ergonomy, usability and clear communication. Co-author of a semantic analysis patent, but also an open-source committer. Co-organized a social action that changed a law in Poland. Jaromir willingly takes on ambitious challenges, with global scope. Always open to new ideas. Privately, traveler, photographer and Monty Python fan. Twitter: @jaromirdzialo

I can help you with: global product vision, User Experience, algorithms, customer development.

Marcin Grodzicki

Business development executive with 5+ years of experience in TMT, including strategic consulting in corporate IT and on-line media. For the past 2 years building international partnerships as well as expanding the reach of portfolio companies for one of the largest Central European media groups - Agora SA.

I am a startup person and an entrepreneur at heart, having run a family business at the age of 23, and having won Seedcamp Week 2009 in London. I remain involved with the start-up scene in London and Warsaw both as a mentor and advisor. I also publish a monthly column in entrepreneurship-focused Proseed Magazine and occasionally speak at start-up conferences.

Jakub Kaczmarski

Graduated from Lodz University of Technology in 2001 and Warsaw School of Economics in 2010. Since 2001 I have been working as Designer-Developer - programming application servers, mainly in Java and PL/SQL. My best achievement was Advertising Management System for portal, but working with Oracle databases gave me much more satisfaction. That’s way I decided to increase my technical skills and pass OCP DBA for Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i exams. I was responsible also for administration and tuning few Oracle databases.

Since 2006 I have been working as IT Director in and I have more than 60 people in my development team. I can help you with performance problems especially. Because in Agora SA we are working in SCRUM methodology, so I can be very helpful with agile development (minimal value product etc).

Bartek Staryga
Konrad Latkowski
Lukasz Mlodyszewski
Jarek Piotrowski
Lukasz Sobiecki
Radek Gomulski
Piotr Durlej
Agata Gozdzik
Iza Bitowt
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